Hands up and fingers down, the void point on the “gust of wind” Dong Ping’s death point, Dong Ping two legs a kick, immediately silent motionless, that death phase, is still miserable enough! “What a cunning thing!” Said Wei Hanying with a sneer. “He’d rather die than tell the truth,” said Yan Mufei. “There’s poison in his mouth. It’s not him who’s cunning, but his superior. This man is even more vicious!” “It’s a good clue,” said Wei Hanying. Yan Mufei said, “This somersault was a big fall. I didn’t expect it.” In the city, in the vast night, an agile figure flew over! Yan Mufei immediately said, “Hanying, he can’t find us. He turned back.” As soon as the voice fell, the figure suddenly stopped and stopped on the tile surface of a house dozens of feet away from the city wall. “He saw us, Mufei,” said Wei Hanying. “I’m afraid he can’t see who we are..” said Yan Mufei. The conversation broke out and the lips moved. Just listen to the figure a light call, the body of lightning pulled up, unrestrained general rushed over! “Did you tell him?” Asked Wei Hanying. Yan Mufei nodded slightly! The figure shot down Chengtou like a flying star and a stone, and it was the dragon under the Golden Flower Gate, the golden jade dragon of the beautiful young man in brocade robe. He fell to the ground and bowed. “I’ve seen Master Yan!” Yan Mufei replied with a smile, “I dare not!”! Hard, tired you live in the city empty trip, I am very uneasy! Jin Yulong said, “I asked Baokang Branch of the’Poor Family Gang ‘where you two were. I just went to the inn and thought you had gone,cattle weight tape, but I didn’t expect you to be here.” Turning to Wei Hanying, he asked, “Is this Miss Wei?” Wei Hanying nodded with a smile and said, “It’s Wei Hanying.” Jin Yulong hurriedly saluted and said, “The master ordered me to ask Miss Wei how she is.” “Thank you,” said Wei Hanying. “Your master is fine, too.” “Thank you,” said Jin Yulong. Pointing to the body of Dong Ping, “a gust of wind” on the ground,Adhesive fish ruler, he said, “Master Yan, this man is..” Yan Mufei smiled and said, “He’s following you in the dark.” Jin Yulong said in astonishment, “Master Yan, what you said..” Yan Mufei said, “Your master is still a few miles away from Baokang. I have already received a report from the disciples of the Baokang Branch of the Poor Family Sect.”. I think your master is looking for me, also think your master must have met with Zhu Di’s people, so I guess they will send someone to follow and monitor, so I left the inn with Miss Wei and waited here to intercept, and sure enough, this person was waiting for me. Jin Yulong’s face changed slightly. “So he’s an official?” He asked. Yan Mufei said, “Before he told the truth, he committed suicide by biting the poison hidden in his mouth. But I think he must have been sent by Zhu Di’s men.” Jin Yulong suddenly shook and said, “Thank you, if it weren’t for you.” “Don’t mention it,” said Yan Mufei with a smile. “It’s a family now. Where is your master now?” Jin Yulong said, Fiberglass tape measure ,tape measure clip, “The master took them to wait in a forest a mile away, so he didn’t come in person because he was afraid of being discovered by them, but unexpectedly they still..” Shaking his head slightly, he said, “That’s awesome. It seems that the master has underestimated them.” Yan Mufei said, “Zhu Di’s people are all masters who have been famous for many years. They are treacherous and resourceful, and should not be underestimated.”. What is your master’s mission in sending you here? Jin Yulong said, “Let me tell you about this meeting with them in Wudang.” “I wasn’t wrong,” said Yan Mufei. “The person Zhu Di met with your master was..” “It’s Lu Yan, the commander of the Royal Guards,” said Jin Yulong. Yan Mufei was in a daze. “Why,” he asked, “is it Lu Yan?” Jin Yulong nodded and said, “Yes, that’s him.” Yan Mufei frowned slightly and said, “Is there no one else?” Jin Yulong said, “The master had a meeting with Lu Yan alone, but he didn’t hear the master say there was anyone else.” “They’re alert enough,” said Yan Mufei. “What did Lu Yan say?” “He didn’t say anything else,” said Jin Yulong. “He just told the master where you two were going and asked him to come after you.
” “What about the book of secrets?” Asked Yan Mufei. “Listen to Lu Yan,” said Jin Yulong. “I’ll give you after it’s done.” “Yes,” said Yan Mufei, “they dare not refuse, but I can’t know who else is there.” “It doesn’t matter,” said Wei Hanying. “They won’t be able to hide for long.” “Of course,” said Yan Mufei, “it’s better to know where they are hiding now.” As soon as his eyes froze, he looked at Jin Yulong and said, “Are all the people in your door together?” “All are here,” said Jin Yulong. “Except for the green jade, it can be said that all are here.” “Didn’t Miss Green Jade come?” Asked Yan Mufei. Jin Yulong nodded and said, “Yes, she is very good in Huixian.” Yan Mufei, “Oh!” “You must have been to Huixian County,” he said. Jin Yulong blushed and said, “Yes, I received a call from the Master as soon as I arrived in Huixian County.” Yan Mufei smiled and said, “Has Miss Green Jade’s poison been cured?” “Your great kindness has already been realized,” said Jin Yulong. “That’s all right,” said Yan Mufei. “I’m here to bless you both.” Jin Yulong blushed and said, “Thank you. I also wish you three the best.” Obviously, he knew the relationship between Yan Mufei and his master. Yan Mufei felt a heat on his face and said, “Thank you. Miss Wei and I are not going there. Please go back and tell your master that Miss Wei and I will leave for Chang’an early tomorrow morning. The purpose is at the Wuling Martial Arts Hall in Chang’an City.” “Are you going to..” said Jin Yulong. Yan Mufei nodded and said, “This is the last thing before I quit Wulin.”. Changan thing, I and Miss Wei will turn to Wanping, the purpose is Wanping Jin home! “I understand,” said Jin Yulong. “It’s getting late,” said Yan Mufei. “I’ll keep you soon so that your master won’t miss you.” “I’ll be right back,” said Jin Yulong. “Please take care of yourself.” A bow, feet swept up, shot out of the city! Looking at the tall figure of Jin Yulong disappearing in the vast night outside the city, Yan Mufei shook his head and sighed lightly, saying: “Love, this love,fish measuring tape, ancient sons and daughters, which can avoid?” Wei Hanying blinked her beautiful eyes and said, “You mean..” 。

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