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Chapter 80. Chapter 80 Qi Chunshang was not surprised by this situation. After he got away with it, he thought of it. Not because of scarcity, but because of inequality, everyone’s cargo was robbed, and they were the only ones left. If it were him, he would be suspicious. But no matter how better than their own robbery also died, who told them to be the leader, Qi Chunshang and Li Congfa can only cheer up to deal with these people. However, they did not tell the truth, but talked about a fog, and the ship they were in lost contact with other ships, but did not dare to mention the matter of meeting water bandits. When they were on the boat, Qi Chunshang and the others discussed that when they met the water bandits and escaped by luck, they could not mention it again. They thought it had never happened and let everything disappear. If you really tell the truth, the dung pot can really be buckled on your body and can’t be taken off. People will ask, why did the water bandits let you go? What do you have to do with the water bandits? Water bandits are the court’s strict encirclement and suppression, these people as long as they are caught, the head is light, others are not allowed to touch, otherwise it will be a crime. No one is stupid, and naturally they will not make trouble for themselves. These people who were robbed by the water bandits naturally did not believe it, but there was no way to believe it. They had no evidence at all that Qi Chunshang and others had anything to do with the water bandits. Especially since they went ashore, Qi Chunshang and others were busy, busy helping to settle down,plastic bulk containers, and helping to report to the government. See this, these people are also embarrassed to talk about what, can only blame their own bad luck. And Qi Chunshang and Li Congfa after a discussion, the two proposed that this time after their freight back, will give some to other people, temporarily can be on credit, and then settle accounts, according to the cost, these people can be regarded as a stop. Qi Chunshang and others wanted to report to the official,plastic pallet price, I’m afraid there is no lack of interrogation, which know the local government did not ask the details, just said that they are lucky. You should know that there are many merchant ships that have been hijacked by water bandits, and very few of them can come back. The lost goods were small, some of them were directly sunk into the river, and when they were discovered, even the bones and dregs were gone. The local government sent many officers and soldiers to encircle and suppress them, but many times they failed. These water bandits are suppressed, like the weeds in the wasteland, which can not be burned clean. When it comes to this, we have to say that those in power are fatuous and incompetent. Nowadays, the emperor is obsessed with monasticism, and the government is controlled by the courtiers, so that the people are in dire Straits. The north and other places are good, this is barren, naturally there is not much oil and water to scrape, but the south and other places are different, collapsible bulk containers ,ibc spill pallet, as an important place to pay taxes, they are repeatedly levied exorbitant taxes and levies under various names. It is true that the South is richer than other places, but like all places in the world, it is divided into rich and poor. Those rich and powerful people naturally feel nothing, but there are many ordinary people who can not go on living, and there are not a few people who sell their children, so there are many bandits in the south. The so-called bandits are not just ordinary people who can’t go on looking for another way out. Of course, there are also evil people who fish in troubled waters, but this situation is a minority after all. So the local government is also very helpless, there are water bandits in the place near the water, and there are mountain bandits in the place near the mountain. Their place is backed by mountains and rivers, and there are many kinds of banditry, which can not be suppressed. In the end, the matter naturally came to nothing. After staying here for a few days and seeing that there was really no hope, a group of people set off to return to their hometown. And the reason why these people will be anxious to find Qi Chunshang two people, but also afraid that they will slip of the tongue, forget to credit the goods to their own things, rushed to confirm. After all, because of this robbery, not a few people went bankrupt, but also pointed to these goods to turn over. Press not to mention, Qi Chunshang two people do not care to say more, then to deal with those people, and Han Jin and others also left the dock. Lu Jiaoyue is feeding chickens. In the spring of this year, Erfang’s family held a brood of chickens, which had grown for two or three months, and they were already half grown. This half-sized chicken is the most edible, and when it is hungry, it chirps, and its voice sounds fierce and harsh. Lu Jiaoyue while scattering chicken food, while thinking, as long as the thought of Gui Ya and eldest brother, she felt a headache.
But the key is that she can’t interrupt. She can understand what Gui Ya is thinking. Gui Ya always has her own opinions. If she interrupts, she will only outsmart herself. Sister, is the meal ready? Goro ran in with a sweat on his forehead. “Did Mom and Dad come back?”? I’m hungry Lu Jiaoyue put down the chicken bowl in her hand, wiped her hands on her apron, and said, “The meal is ready, but the leftovers haven’t been fried yet. Father and mother haven’t come back yet.”. If you are hungry and there are cakes left over from the morning on the stove, you can eat some cushions first. Where’s your second brother? Why didn’t he come back with you? “The second brother was left to talk in the school by his husband, and Rokuro and I came back first.” As he spoke, Goro slipped into the kitchen. There’s water on the table. Eat slowly and don’t choke. Standing outside, you can see the appearance of Goro in the kitchen picking up the cake and gobbling it up, and Lu Jiaoyue couldn’t help saying something. Let you sleep in the morning without breakfast. Didn’t I bring you a cake in the morning? Didn’t you eat it? Goro finally swallowed the cake in his mouth. He took a breath and said, “It’s not Rokuro yet. He’s greedy. When he sees that I brought the cake, he wants to share it. I shared more than half of it with him.” When Lu Jiaoyue heard this, she didn’t say anything. Rokuro is now learning much better than before, but the habit of sleeping late has not changed, and her third aunt is a careless, see to go to school late, she forgot that her son did not eat breakfast, hurriedly let his son hurry to school. Lu Jiaoyue knew that his younger brother was now growing up and had a big appetite. He would bring him some dry food and snacks every day. Goro didn’t eat much and poured them into his mouth. But recently the two brothers play well, as long as they have no opinion of each other, the others will not say anything. It’s just food,drum spill pallet, especially when the two families are in this relationship. I’ll bring you more tomorrow. Just then, Lu Jiaoyue saw two chickens running out of the courtyard. When Goro just entered the courtyard, he forgot to close the gate.

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