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The annual income of the family is only worth twenty-five or six taels of silver As long as Li Chi copies more than sixty copies of the Analects of Confucius on his own paper and sells them he can get an income equivalent to the annual income of the family But the money can’t even afford a history book compiled by the imperial court last year which shows how expensive it is to study If Li Chi wants to read a lot of books and stand out from many scholars even if he has the income of copying books it is not easy At most he can alleviate the predicament of his family But if you can sell paper When Li Chi thought about it carefully he denied this possibility Although paper is like salt and grain as long as the world is peaceful and some people study they will not worry about selling it which is really a good deal But it is true that Lishui Village or Mianyang County does not have enough raw materials for making paper Bamboo bark hemp bark rattan bark and so on are not much If large quantities of paper are made they need to rely on artificial planting In the long run they may be able to make a lot of profits but Lichi can’t wait that long They are in urgent need of money Chapter 9 Li Chi thought a hundred times in his heart but his eyes carefully observed the words on the paper When writing the touch is smooth the paper surface is smooth the ink color is thick and the ink is Minerals & Metallurgy good But the ink on the edge of the stroke has a slight diffusion the ink on the paper is not silted up but the ink seeps out on the back of the paper and the two problems of halo ink and seeping ink need to be improved Li Jiang originally thought that the paper was good enough but did not want to try to write also tried to go wrong “small pool then this paper failed” Li Chi put down the paper and smiled soothingly at his cousin “No it’s 70% successful” If we improve the problems of halo ink and ink seepage we can make up the remaining 30% “How do you solve that” “First of all Brother Jiang wants to make the paper thicker” Li Chi rummaged through a stack of paper and found a slightly thicker piece of paper “almost as thick as this one” “Then we need to add a kind of’paper potion ‘to the pulp As for how to match the paper potion we have to wait until the day after tomorrow when I go to the front hill to look for materials” And the process of’sizing ‘in the pulp or after papermaking just like brushing rice milk to make clothes stiff and strong when they are washed of course we don’t use rice milk but choose the right tree pulp ‘Paper Potion ‘is definitely to be added but whether to’glue’ this matter Li Chi is still uncertain The applied’glue ‘can be vegetable glue of a vegetable starch agent or animal glue blended with animal fat and alum which can improve the inking ability and water permeability of the paper and effectively solve the problems of halo ink and ink seepage But at the same time it also has obvious disadvantages after sizing For example after the surface is brushed with starch agent the paper is stored for a long time and curled repeatedly it is easy to crack and there will be some small bulges on the paper surface which will make the ink on the paper fall off Li Chi decided to wait until the time to add the’paper potion ‘and then look at it Although the’paper potion’ is slippery it also has glue which may be able to improve the problems of halo ink and ink seepage “Well when you take a rest we’ll go to Qianshan Mountain to look for it carefully China Manufacturers I hope we can find it” The expression on Li Jiang’s face was slightly regretful but he did not lose his fighting spirit He only waited two days to find the so-called’paper potion ‘material Li Chi rolled up the paper on the bookcase and threw it into the wooden painting and calligraphy jar (barrel) beside him “The paper we made has been 70% successful It’s almost enough for our brothers to practice calligraphy for their own use That pot of pulp is not easy to waste Brother Jiang you can just copy the paper these two days After the paper is copied out we will use it for our own use” Now that there is a’self-use ‘said the corresponding can also be sold out of the’other use’ this income will soon be able to become! He Li Jiang also finished reading the “Thousand Characters” knowing a few words and writing two words like chicken feet naturally knowing the value of paper As long as it’s not a time of war there’s no need to worry about selling paper as long as you can make enough paper to sell OK! I’m sure I’ll copy out the rest of the paper and let you three brothers practice calligraphy enough! Li Chi did not know that Li Jiang had the idea of’making a lot of money by making paper ‘in his heart but it didn’t matter After some time at home their brothers at least he himself estimated that they had already got a result in the exam By then his reputation would be able to dispel his regret that he had not made a lot of money
“Thank you Brother Jiang When Brother He comes back he must jump up happily!” “Haha can we tell each other who should thank whom” Brothers we must support and help each other! Li Chi readily withdrew his words of thanks I thought to myself Energy that my elder cousin was a big brother after all When I was a child I was still a little impulsive and impatient but the more I grew up the more I became a big brother cheerful and open-minded loving my brothers filial piety to my elders and setting a good example for my younger brothers But for him an old cucumber who has developed three outlooks he can’t have the childlike enthusiasm of his cousin again Later Li River and Li Lake came back from cutting firewood They were very happy to see the paper in the courtyard They took the paper from Li River and immediately went back to the house to write Although the characters written by the two men are very different from those written by their cousin Li Jiang the characters they have practiced on the bluestone slab for two months recently have not been practiced in vain At least they can write horizontally and vertically which is slightly better than the characters written by ordinary children When it was getting dark the adults who came back from the field were all happy and happy when they knew it Li Dart’s calloused hands gently rubbed the white paper his expression and tone could not hide his excitement “This is paper the paper used by scholars to write but we made it” yuan took out a piece of paper from his wife’s hand and looked back and forth “What happened to the scholar’s paper” We big rivers the sea and small pools are not scholars how If it weren’t for the fact that Xiaochi reads a lot of books who would make this paper So thanks to Xiaochi’s ability to read Li Qi as in the past four years said something to win people’s hearts from time to time such as Xiaochizi wants to repay the family after studying We have made great efforts to give up the small pool and he will be good to us in the future “It’s not just him but our whole family that Xiaochi can guide his brother Jiang to make paper!”! Had it not been for the eldest brother’s love for his nephew our whole family’s frugality for him to study and the fact that Dajiang had not been busy these days would it have been difficult for him to make paper alone 。

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