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The waiter brought them new dishes, and there was a master of ceremonies on the stage in the hall. The lucky draw was about to begin. The girl next to Xu Bai, who was engaged in IT, said excitedly, “Look, Xu Bai, they are going to draw a lucky draw.” That girl picked up food for Xu Bai: “Do you like to eat shredded pork with Beijing sauce? I think it tastes very delicious.” Xu Bai turned sideways, looked at the stage and said frankly, “I want to eat roast duck, but the roast duck hasn’t come yet.” She stared at the screen in front of her and saw that the lottery program was running-Xu Bai wanted to win the lottery for no other reason than that the person who presented the prize was Xie Pingchuan, the company’s technical director. Perhaps it was Xu Bai’s sincerity that moved the world. After the lottery was over, Xu Bai’s work number was displayed at the top of the screen. Xu Bai couldn’t believe it, but a few seconds later, she heard the master of ceremonies shouting “Xu Bai”, and she immediately went on stage happily. To attend formal occasions, you may have to wear high heels. Xu Bai stepped on seven centimeters of high heels, but she still walked smoothly, but when she went up the steps, she shook a little, but was supported by Xie Pingchuan. The people in the hall were noisy and the light and shadow were bright. Xu Bai narrowed his eyes and stood up again. “Have you been drinking?” Xie Pingchuan whispered. “I only drank half a cup,” said Xu Bai. Xie Pingchuan is not at ease, he then asked: “White wine, who poured it for you?” Xu Bai now became particularly honest: “It’s Zhao Enron.” Xie Pingchuan smiled and did not continue to answer. Award but go through a process,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Xu Bai can still stand very stable, but after stepping down, Xie Pingchuan left the hall, he took Xu Bai out of the corridor, led her to the balcony to blow. They were on the top floor of the hotel, and as far as the eye could see, all they saw was the night view of the city. The street lights in the distance add radiance and beauty to each other, illuminating an orange-red light,Theobromine Powder, dyeing the dark curtain into a warm tone, together with the car lights that meet end to end, forming a colorful and prosperous picture. Xu Bai has no intention to enjoy the scenery, she has no burden, sitting directly beside Xie Pingchuan, but also put his head on his shoulder, and then yawned. Breeze blowing in the face, no more voices around, Xie Pingchuan still does not speak. Xu Bai picked up the small bag, took out his mobile phone, and then brushed the micro-blog. Mobile phone screen light and shade uncertain, Xie Pingchuan slightly sideways face, see Xu Bai is playing mobile phone, then asked: “What is your micro-blog name?” “My name is Xu Xiaobai D,” said Xu Bai truthfully. Xie Pingchuan asks again: “What meaning is D?” “My bust is D,” said Xu Bai, Kava Root Extract ,L Methylfolate Factory, smelling of alcohol. She looked up at him. “Brother, do you like it?” Xie Pingchuan’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, but his words were: “I don’t know what D is.” Xu Bai opened his eyes wide: “Then you will know if you touch it.” This is the top floor of the hotel, a viewing area for guests, although there is no one else nearby, but still pay attention to the sense of propriety, not to mention Xu Bai drunk, she did not know what she was talking about-Xie Pingchuan so seriously thought. So Xie Pingchuan lost his thirst for knowledge. “I don’t care about that,” he said. The garden bench on the top floor was very wide. Xu Bai went a little forward and fell into his arms: “You lied to me. You just like it very much.” Brother, can’t you be honest? The night wind blows slowly, bringing the light fragrance of summer flowers and plants, as well as the fragrance of Xu Bai. Xie Pingchuan looked down at her, with thousands of lights behind her and stars twinkling in her eyes. He finally compromised and said, “Yes, I like you very much. There is no place in your whole body, from head to foot, that I don’t like.” Then he reached out and hugged her. Chapter 22 Xu Bai fell in Xie Pingchuan’s arms, her chin just against his shoulder, she did not feel the atmosphere charming, just took a deep breath, felt that the person holding her was Xie Pingchuan, the heart felt a sense of trust. “I heard that,” said Xu Bai. “You just said you liked me.” The night was deep and wide, and she looked at the back of the garden on the top floor, where flowers and trees were piled up and white light was shining through the glass walls. She slanted her head, like a coquettish kitten, rubbing her face against Xie Pingchuan’s shoulder and demanding him with sophistry: “Say it again, I still want to hear it.”.
” “Do you really want to hear it?” Asked Xie Pingchuan. Xu Bai did not hear clearly, and her brain was dizzy. She raised her head slightly, her ears rubbed against Xie Pingchuan’s neck, and her hair brushed his side face, so that he could not think. Xie Pingchuan raised his hand and hugged her again. “You didn’t respond to me. I have to say it again. Aren’t you clinging to her?” Xu Bai finally understood what he meant. She opened her heart generously: “I like you very much, too …” As Da Vinci said, an egg can be painted countless times, a love only once, I grew up, only once, all to you. Xu Bai spoke close to his ear, with a pause between his words, with a gasp of drunkenness. Xie Pingchuan did not know where she learned these sweet words. He couldn’t help reading her words. Especially “only once, all to you”, after listening to no other feeling, only a quiet joy. As if the restless sea had been smoothed, bringing the sound of the waves under the moonlight. Xie Pingchuan finally realized that at the moment Xu Bai would answer all questions without reservation. He straightened Xu Bai in his arms, looked at her rippling eyes, and asked her in a slow voice: “When you were eighteen years old, you called me and told me that you would wait for me. Why did you wait later?” Xu Bai lowered his head as if he was very sad: “Because you had a girlfriend at that time.” She did not know what to think of, but she cried as she spoke. Tears pattered down and fell on Xie Pingchuan’s arm. At first he rubbed it with his fingers, then approached her face and kissed her gently, along a water mark, to her chin: “You really drank too much.” “I’ve never had a girlfriend,Sex Enhancement Powder,” Xie Pingchuan whispered. Xu Bai shook his head vigorously and argued: “You have, and she called me.” Xie Pingchuan still does not believe, just when she is gibberish: “When thing?” 。

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