In a flash, Gu Yue’s face turned into numerous spikes, and Eros fell with a punch, but he was injured. “Hum, now that you are aware of it, there is no need to cover up, the immortal Eros.” Eros snorted coldly and said lightly. His body is completely empty, and no attack can hurt him. “So what if you don’t know the soul attack?” Gu Yue smiled, and the next moment a huge shadow appeared, and an axe fell on Eros, but Eros’s face remained unchanged. Gu Yue looked, not disappointed, after all, he had guessed that such an attack was estimated to be invalid. “Immortal Eros, really immortal, as long as his important parts have been kept empty, then no one can kill him,” Gu Yue secretly said in his heart, but this ability is not completely without shortcomings, even if he is empty, in fact, it is necessary to replenish energy, sooner or later there will be a time when the entity appears. But who can fully grasp this opportunity? Eros was also thinking about how to defeat Gu Yue, who had no weakness at all. Horrible body, strong energy, terrible soul, such an existence is BUG, to kill such a person, only by a strong force to crush,touch screen board classroom, otherwise simply can not be killed. Suddenly, the surrounding trees began to freeze. Gradually, the fog in the air turned into ice crystals and fell down. The surroundings became clearer and clearer. The trees ignited by the ancient moon quickly went out, and the ground became cold. A slim woman came slowly out of the fog and said, “I didn’t think it was you.” “Hi, Bai Ling sister, long time no see,” Gu Yue saw the woman, immediately smiled. Bai Ling, the former captain of the seventh team of Hope City,interactive boards for classrooms, is now the deputy director of the Human Supervision Bureau. His ability is the absolute zero of the element system. “Who is he?” Bai Ling glanced at Eros and asked lightly. Because the detection of this side of the energy fluctuations are too intense, so Bai Ling came to check, it is clear that the ancient moon is their side of the people, then Eros do not have to think to know is the enemy. “Eros, a lost dog from a foreign country,” Gu Yue laughed. With a sneer, Eros suddenly appeared next to Bai Ling. The Western sword suddenly materialized and quickly stabbed Bai Ling in the chest. Then another sword cut off Bai Ling’s head. “All right, let’s deal with the people who are in the way. Let’s continue to play.” Eros looked at Gu Yue proudly. Gu Yue sighed slightly and said, “Elemental humans are not so easy to kill.” See Bai Ling body has turned into white ice, the next moment around the water molecules quickly gathered, all of a sudden the head grew out again. “Sure enough is a lost dog, see people bite,” Bai Ling said lightly, but the skin has turned into ice crystals, the whole person has been completely elemental. Gu Yue said with a smile, “His ability is to change the actual situation into the actual situation, but when he attacks, he must partially become the entity, just like when he attacked you just now, his sword becomes the entity and his hand must also be the entity, interactive panels for education ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, otherwise he can’t hold the sword.” “That is to say, unless he does not attack, he must be converted into an entity,” Bai Ling said lightly. The surroundings suddenly became cold, and then an ice wall appeared quickly within a kilometer, rising side by side. Bai Ling’s ability is much more terrible than the ice emperor, but absolute zero is more terrible than the flame of the sun. At this time, an invisible breath appeared on Gu Yue’s body, and the cold could not affect him at all. All the trees around him turned into ice sculptures, and even the ground became hard. “The realm of absolute zero,” Bai Ling looked at Eros and said lightly. Eros also felt the surroundings become strange, he frowned, his hand suddenly materialized, but the next moment his hand became an ice sculpture, can no longer be empty. An ice blade flew over, and his hand broke. Bai Ling looked at him coldly and said, “It’s just a return gift.” “I didn’t expect Asia to hide so many strong people,” Eros said coldly, his broken hand recovering quickly above the empty arm. Gu Yue looked at Eros and said with a smile, “What are you going to do now? It seems that there is no way to attack.” “That’s true, so goodbye,” Eros nodded, suddenly became very single, said goodbye and turned to run, because he was in a state of emptiness, so the ice wall could not hinder him.
Gu Yue frowned slightly, and Eros walked so simply, which was totally out of line with the murderous look he had just shown. “What a rich vapor,” Bai Ling said with a sudden frown. Gu Yue was stunned and his face changed dramatically. He immediately smashed the ice wall next to him and looked up at the sky, only to see strange stars shining in the sky. “Too bad,” said Gu Yue in a deep voice. Bai Ling looked at the strange starlight in the sky and said, “Gu Yue, what’s going on?” “The Tianhe-Diversion Sea Array has been launched, and the Sea Clan has won this time,” said Gu Yue heavily. Bai Ling’s face changed slightly and he immediately said, “I’ll inform Shen Ming. You can think of a way to see if you can stop it for an hour.” “Well, go quickly, an hour, I can still block down, by the way, remember to transfer all the personnel back to the immortal city,” Gu Yue nodded and said. Bai Ling nodded, then turned into a white light and disappeared. “Looks like trouble this time,” Gu Yue looked at the stars in the sky and sighed. The next moment he rose into the sky, and countless monsters flew out of him, quickly putting out a huge array. “This should be able to hold out for an hour, and then” Gu Yue took a look at the monster’s big array, and immediately looked at the ground. Wait for the sea to press the border, the energy cover of the immortal city will definitely be very laborious. As for other cities, there is no need to worry. After all, they are too far apart. Although the Tianhe River leads the sea array, it is not as big as that. At most, other cities will have a small flooded city, but it can be solved by building an earthen wall. As soon as he stretched out his hand, pieces of meteorite iron suddenly appeared in his hand. He immediately pinched them up, and strange human figures suddenly appeared. Some of these people had the heads of goats, and some had the mouths of chickens. Anyway, they looked like monsters. He immediately flew over the Immortal City and said, “Shen Ming, remove the energy shield.” Moments later, the blue energy shield suddenly disappeared, and all the people in the city looked around in horror, and soon someone found the ancient moon in the sky. The ancient moon opened her eyes and twelve strange people flew out. The first one was a rat’s head and brain,smart board interactive whiteboard, which made people think of a rat at a glance. The second one was a bull’s horn, which was obviously a tauren. There are twelve such strange people, which exactly correspond to the twelve zodiac signs.

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