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Not only Song Chu screamed, but also the woman who had just been rescued. Song Chu came out of the water and wiped his face. Everyone’s eyes were on the woman, and the woman looked at Song Chu with a very frightened look. The beginning of the Song Dynasty pulled the rice beads without knowing why: “Am I terrible?” Mi Zhu shrugged her shoulders and paddled slowly beside Song Chu. “No, that woman should have been frightened just now. She thought you were drowning, too.” Nothing will happen, and everyone will play their own games. Half an hour later, the woman’s screams rang out again, and the people in the pool were already complaining. Anyone who comes out to play doesn’t want to be spoiled. This time, the woman’s screams came from the bathroom. Song Chu and Mi Zhu have lost interest, simply went ashore, ready to see. She was alone in the bathroom, shivering in the shower with a wig in her hand. At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, the stench that could not be ignored in her nose made her a little sick. The wig in the woman’s hand was a human head in her eyes. His face was swollen, his eyes were round and staring, but there was a sly smile at the corners of his mouth, which made people afraid. Rice bead cannot see this one scene of horror,14 tube fitting, walk directly to woman body side: “Are you all right?” The woman was startled, looked back to see rice bead and Song Chu, just relieved: “It is you…” Noticing that Song Chu was aiming at the wig in her hand, the woman hung the wig uncomfortably on the hook beside her: “I don’t know where this wig came from. It startled me to put it here.” Song Chu did not believe the woman’s story, and the wig should be the cause of the woman’s panic, including the one in the swimming pool. Do you believe there are ghosts in this world? Song Chu asked the woman. The woman is stupefied,hydraulic fitting supplier, the smile on the face is deeper some: “The little girl can joke really, how can there be ghost on this world?”? The so-called ghosts are only man-made in the end. Lifting the wig in front of him, Song Chu’s eyes met with a pair of swollen eyes. Aware that Song was able to see himself, the smile on his head gradually fell: “Can you see me?” The lips of the human head opened and closed, and what came out was only breath. What about your body? After death, even if there is no whole body, the soul should be complete. The head turned an angle and looked at the frightened woman. “I ate it myself.” Mi Zhu swallowed saliva and hid behind Song Chu. Watching the wig turn an angle in Song Chu’s hand, the woman reached out to cover her lips to prevent herself from screaming again: “You, what did you do?” At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, before she opened her mouth, Mi Zhu took the lead and said, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,12 needle valve, “I should ask you what you did. How could you get into trouble with this kind of thing?” The woman was suddenly unhappy: “What are you talking about? Although I, Lin Qianyu, am not a good man or woman, I have never done anything harmful.” “Is this wig yours?” Song Chu raised the wig in his hand. Lin Qianyu gathered his eyes and shook his head: “It’s not mine.” “Is it really not yours?” Song Chu stared into her eyes and seemed very sure. Lin Qianyu grabbed the wig: “So what if it’s mine? What does it have to do with you?” Song Chu curled her lips. In fact, she didn’t care very much. Anyway, it’s not something she should be in charge of. “If it’s your wig, I advise you to think about whether you have done something wrong and neglected it by yourself, and then try to atone for it.” Seeing Song Chu pulling Mi Zhu to leave, Lin Qianyu hesitated at the wig in his hand and stopped Song Chu: “Girl, can I invite you to have a cup of coffee?” Song Chu stopped and said, “Coffee is not necessary, but it’s time to eat. Do you mind inviting us to a meal?” Lin Qianyu immediately stepped forward: “Yes.” After changing clothes and drying his hair, Lin Qianyu took Song Chu and Mi Zhu to a restaurant. Because it has just opened, there are not many people in the shop. To be on the safe side, Lin Qianyu still asked for a box. Rice bead also did not and Lin Qianyu are polite, in fact she does not have any good impression to this woman, exert oneself to nod. There was no appetite at the beginning of the Song Dynasty-anyone who saw that head would not have an appetite to eat and drink. Lin Qianyu stirred the juice with a straw and did not drink it, talking about the origin of the wig.
This wig is really not mine. I found it at home. I lost my hair so badly that I thought my husband bought it for me, but he said he didn’t buy a wig. I even asked my mother-in-law, who didn’t know the origin of the wig. I thought the wig was weird, so I wanted to throw it away. Of course I couldn’t get rid of it. It was like the wig had been following her all the time. I couldn’t get rid of it. I even threw it into the fire, but instead of burning it, it appeared more often in front of me. Lin Qianyu held his forehead with a distressed face. Song Chu took a sip of barley tea. “Do you mean that this wig appeared for no reason?”? Did anything special happen before that? The wig was placed on a stool alone, and early Song could see that the lips of the head were slightly raised, as if watching a good show. Slightly upset at the beginning of the Song Dynasty, he took out a soul charm from his bag and pasted it on his wig. The head immediately became honest, and his face was expressionless with his eyes closed, which was much more pleasing to the eye than before. Lin Qianyu was stunned for a moment and looked back at the cup and saucer in front of him: “Nothing happened. I had to say something, that is, my husband came back from a business trip for three months, and my son fell ill.” Mi Zhu bit the straw, listening to Lin Qianyu and Song Chu talk, secretly rolled his eyes. Song Chu took a bite of the honeydew melon and said, “Did your son get sick after your husband came back?” On the night my husband came back, my son had a high fever and stayed in the hospital for a week before he got better. And then I found this wig. Lin Qianyu is also very distressed, for this matter also quarreled with her husband. This compartment is understanding the situation, the early Song mobile phone rings,14 needle valve, Liang Jingmo’s name flashes on the screen. He and Lin Qianyu said sorry and went out of the box alone to answer the phone. When it was almost time for dinner, Liang Jingmo called Song Chu to ask her to have dinner together, but it was still too late.

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