Sent away Chen Jiaye, Xiang Xiaochuang is like a bird feather soaked by rain, all over the body, showing loneliness. Tang Xiangtian came back with a calm face and snorted coldly to Du Jiawen, who had just come to accompany Xiang Xiaochuang: “It’s all about you.” Not only was Xiang Xiaochuang stunned, but even Du Jiawen frowned with displeasure: “How do you say that?” “The person who took Aunt Sihuai away was Chen Sijia!”! Xiang Xiaochuang and Du Jiawen looked at each other and looked at Tang Xiangtian at the same time. She was dissolved by you, and saw that you and Chen Jiaye were like a pair of people, so she came up with this way to bring Xiang Sihuai out to destroy your scene. However, she still missed the time, in fact, because the nursing home people found out in time, sent someone to guard the intersection, she took a lot of trouble, so that your signing ceremony can be completed. Volume 2 Chapter 56 The truth is always sad. (Words in this chapter: 2379 Updated: 2009-10-24 21:46:00) “Scarlett Chen..” … Where is she now? Du Jiawen’s face suddenly sank. The account of the American branch had not yet been settled with her, and this hand came at once! Even if I was sorry for her, it would have disappeared by this time. Looking at Xiang Xiaochuang’s continuous sinking, he was so painful that he even did his official business hastily. She has returned to New York. She slipped away so fast that she knew I couldn’t get away recently. “Du Jiawen snorted.” One day,aluminium edge trim, I will let her eat herself. Fruit. Chen Shi, hum, Chen Shi! His face was so gloomy that he wished he could catch Chen Sijia and let Xiang Sihuai come back. Although Xiang Sihuai just lives in his own life. He could not extricate himself from the cage, but he understood that her existence made Xiang Xiaochuang more concerned and warm. She. … Aunt Sihuai has long been at peace with the world, and she actually.. … ” Tang Xiangtian said coldly, “She was involved because of her enmity with Du Jiawen.” Aunt Sihuai’s. Xiao Chuang, if you want to blame Chen Sijia,tile trim factory, you might as well blame the one in front of you. Du Jiawen lowered his face angrily: “What are you talking about?”! “Tang Bohu’s ancient paintings!” Tang Xiangtian took it angrily and sat on the other side of Xiang Xiao’s window. Du Jiawen does not know whether to laugh or cry: “I also do not know to meet such, do you think I am willing?”? All right, Xiao Chuang, don’t be sad. One day, I will turn Chen upside down and avenge your Aunt Sihuai. Xiang Xiaochuang showed a disappointed look and lowered his head with a “hmm”. Xiao Chuang, it’s not that I don’t want to now … … However, even if she brought out Xiang Sihuai, there was no law to punish her. Besides, now that she’s back in New York, I can only use business means to avenge this for you. I understand. Xiang Xiaochuang promised, and raised his head to urge, “you go to the company quickly, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel edge trim, these two days are multifarious, don’t mess up.”. I have Xiangtian with me, so you don’t have to worry. Du Jiawen glared at Tang Xiangtian, because Tang Xiangtian accompanied him, he was even more worried! Now, unlike before, Tang Xiangtian and Xiang Xiaochuang have no blood relationship at all. Had it not been for his excessive sensitivity, Tang Xiangtian’s feelings for Xiang Xiaochuang would have been extraordinary. But if this thought is spoken out, it will not arouse her any vigilance except being laughed at by Xiang Xiaochuang. He sighed in his heart and turned to ask Tang Xiangtian, “When will you go back to New York?” Tang Xiangtian raised his lips with a half-smile: “Why, are you going to drive me back?” Du Jiawen’s eyes fully demonstrated this point, but the words were very polite: “Where, where do you want to stay?” Who else can stop it? I’m just asking casually. If you’re not in a hurry to leave, you can have a simple meal together in the evening. “Well, I’m sure I’ll do you a favor for Mr. Du’s dinner.” Tang Xiangtian lost his temper and returned to the appearance of a smiling face. Du Jiawen got up and left helplessly after a phone call from his assistant. Xiang Xiaochuang sent him to the door. He moved his lips to explain something, but felt that he had fallen behind. He had to toss and turn on her lips. Xiao Chuang, is he really worthy of your love? Tang Xiangtian did not know when he had turned on the TV.
His eyes were fixed on the TV screen, but they were clear and careless. What’s the matter? Xiang Xiaochuang asked doubtfully. Nothing. I think I have a fever. Tang Xiangtian is unhappy. Ah Xiang Xiaochuang hurriedly took the back of his hand to test the temperature of his forehead, and Tang Xiangtian went to take her hand back to his palm. Her hands were exceptionally soft, as if they were silk. Xiang Xiaochuang was obviously stunned and tried to pull his hand back, but he held it tighter. With a slight tremor in his fingers, Xiang Xiaochuang turned his head away: “I don’t think it’s not worth it.” But as soon as he broke off one engagement, he stepped into another. Yeah, he said he’d lift it, but who knows if he’ll do it a third time? How long do you have to be hurt by him before you can wake up? “No, in fact, between him and Chen Jiaye, it is not what you imagine.”. Chen Jiaye has another lover. She is a very good person. Okay, let’s say this time, they’re just playing games. What about the next time? Xiao Chuang, as long as people do one thing smoothly, they will continue to do it. This is Xi Pai l. What kind of theory is this.. … Xiang Xiaochuang did not know whether to laugh or cry. As soon as you got off the plane, you kept asking for my rest. Would you like to sleep first? I’ll make the bed for you. The sheets and quilts have been washed and put away in the cupboard. Xiang Xiaochuang knew that Tang Xiangtian was a piece of good, looking at his hand in his palm, almost a piece of skin was not exposed, the heart felt slightly uneasy. She understood Du Jiawen’s expression of hesitating to speak when he left. No, you’re heavy yourself, and you make my bed? I can do this little thing by myself, unlike President Du! Tang Xiangtian’s bad feelings towards Du Jiawen are enduring. Xiang Xiaochuang secretly laughed, accompanied him into the guest room,tile profile factory, opened a cabinet: “I am not polite to you, bending down for me.” It’s really a little hard, so you can make it by yourself.

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