“It seems that I can’t finish this mission. My mission evaluation will be lowered again. It is estimated that I will fall out of the top 100 of the killer list.” Blue Lily lay on the table, feeling that her life was not in danger, and began to think of the mission. The gang leader of this mission, who knew in advance that he had been offered a reward for assassination, hired a lot of bodyguards. “Blue Lily, whose stimulant power began to come up, began to talk to Dr. Lin Fei beside him.”. Originally Lin Fei listened to the story well, but who knows, after listening for ten minutes, the long-lost task sound of the God of War system in his mind appeared. Ding Dong: Sixty-five percent of the scene tasks match. Start generating tasks. Mission Name: Companion’s Pray for the Death of the Gang Mission description: your companion, was injured by the gang, whether you are angry, as the God of war, not only to their own strong fighting capacity, but also to protect the side of the teammates, no matter when, you will be their spiritual support. Now you, who are angry, will slay with your anger. The gang that hurt your partner will be punished by you. Mission completion conditions: within twelve cosmic hours, let the gangsters who hurt your companions be punished. As for what the punishment is,caustic calcined magnesite, it is very simple, that is, death. Conditions for mission failure: Within 12 cosmic hours, the gang members who hurt your companions are not punished properly, and the authority of the God of War is trampled on. Mission Failure Penalty: You will lose self-awareness for seven days, and the God of War will take control of your body to release anger and kill all living things around you. Reward for mission completion: Draw a random one-time scroll chance 1. After hearing the God of War system in my brain, I released this task. It’s rare that the God of War system is very stingy at ordinary times. This time, I also gave the reward of drawing scrolls. Blue Lily,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I’m going to finish this task for you. You tell me the details about this task and the situation of the gang. Lin Fei said to the Blue Lily with some helplessness. What? You finish the task for me? That’s great. I don’t need to lower my evaluation. At the critical moment, you are still awesome. But you have to be careful of the bodyguards hired by the mob bosses. If you can’t, get out early and don’t get killed. Blue Lily said, hearing that Lin Fei was going to take her place and complete this obviously dangerous task, Blue Lily felt warm in her heart. It’s not me, it’s the Zhanshen system. Lin Fei thought in his heart and began to listen to Blue Lily’s introduction of the mission target, the Big Dipper, and the situation of the Lone Wolf Gang. (Go to the new book list on Monday and get recommended votes.) Chapter 44 a second career can also make money. According to Blue Lily, the Lone Wolf Gang is one of the three major gangs on the Big Dipper, mainly operating casinos, underground fighting arenas, and some bits and pieces of business. The leader of the gang was a fighter in the ring in his early years. Later, he made a name for himself. With some luck, he set up the Lone Wolf Gang. Lin Fei took the blue Lily back to the small pink bed in the bedroom to rest after the operation. Then Lin Fei picked up a sharp metal dagger on the table, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, held it in his hand, hid it in his sleeve, and began to go out. Lin Fei walked in the black alley. As soon as he walked seven or eight hundred meters out of the door, he saw more than twenty hoodlums with sticks, machetes and other weapons. They were leading two big wolf dogs to Lin Fei, and came up to surround Lin Fei. As soon as the two wolf dogs came up, they barked at Lin Fei. But Lin Fei stared at them with his eyes, and the two wolf dogs stopped and dared not make a sound again. Two big wolf dogs, guiding the gangsters behind them, in the dark, probably smelling the blood of blue lilies on the ground. Come on, kid. Have you seen a wounded woman in black? Led by a hoodlum with an iron rod, he hit the ground with the iron rod and asked Lin Fei in a strange voice. Lin Fei looked at these small hoodlums, if ordinary people were surrounded by more than 20 big men with knives and sticks, they would have been too scared to talk nonsense, but this scene seemed like a child’s play to Lin Fei. The prisoners on death row in the first canteen of Carl Prison were several times more ferocious than these hoodlums. Lin Fei still beat hundreds of them one by one, and they were all beaten. There are only more than twenty gangsters now, and they can get things done in minutes. Are you from the Lone Wolf Gang? Lin Fei asked.
“Boy, a little insight, know Lao Tzu is a lone wolf gang, but also” a hoodlum just took half of the words, saw a dark shadow flashed in front of him, then found that the surrounding scenery began to reverse, his head was quickly cut off by Lin Fei. ” Do it. Around the hoodlums, see Lin Fei shot on the injury, know that he is a ruthless role, began to take the weapons in their hands, hit Lin Fei. But whether it was a knife or a stick, it could only hit the shadow, and could not hit Lin Fei himself at all, but the silver dagger reflected light constantly flashing in the air, and every time it flashed, a head was cut off from the neck, and blood spurted into the air. When Lin Fei killed more than ten gangsters, the rest of the gangsters were afraid and began to turn around and run away, but the speed of escape was much worse than Lin Fei’s running speed. Lin Fei sprinted a few times and solved the last five or six gangsters. And the two wolf dogs that the hoodlums were carrying, when Lin Fei started to work, did not know where to go. As night falls, the black night can’t stop people from enjoying life. In the huge and luxurious arena of the Lone Wolf Gang, there is a monthly fighting competition today. The three boxers of the Lone Wolf Gang have just torn their opponents apart and won the championship. The torn bodies of the players were thrown in the air, sprinkled with blood, and the audience in the arena began to boil and cheer. The leader of the Lone Wolf Gang, a strong fat man, stood on the platform under the escort of four bodyguards. “Are there any challengers under the stage? Are there any people who are not afraid of death to challenge our Lone Wolf Gang boxers?” “Tonight’s victory belongs to the Lone Wolf Gang.” Then the people in the arena began to revel with the explosive music, while the leader of the Lone Wolf Gang, accompanied by four bodyguards and three boxers,Magnesium Oxide MgO, went directly to the upper third floor of the arena. Lin Fei was also in the stands of the arena at this time. “Your task is to kill four bodyguards and the lone wolf gang leader. It is the four of them who hurt your companions. Of course, if you kill three boxers beautifully, it will also improve the task score.” The voice of the God of War system sounded in Lin Fei’s brain.

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