Magma ocean a burst of rolling, immediately thousands of feet of huge red magma suddenly rushed out, like a red dragon, these dragons sitting in the sky, the body of the flowing magma shining with dark red luster, then the magma began to solidify, and finally turned into crystals, shining with dazzling light. Magma crystal dragon, entrenched in the sky, the red dragon eyes locked in the forest, a terrible heat from their bodies, even the surrounding space is some signs of distortion. Although these magma crystal dragons are still thousands of feet away from Lin Dong, Lin Dong still feels hot all over, a feeling of burning pain, spreading on the surface of the body. This attack, compared to these years Lin move in purgatory experienced many hardships are obviously more severe, it seems that the last pass, really not easy. Roar! Magma crystal dragon entrenched, the next moment, fierce roar to the sky, huge body into a red light, overwhelming the forest to move to kill. Lin Dong looked at the roaring eighteen magma dragons, his face was extremely dignified, and immediately his right palm slowly clenched, a silver-white energy fluctuations. It quickly condenses in the palm of his hand, which is the spiritual power of Lin Dong after a long period of practice. Fuck off Lin Dong’s eyes are cold. A punch blasted out,smart interactive whiteboard, only to see the vast mental strength at this time like a flood swept out. It turned directly into a huge silver-white mental power palm. This giant palm, and yuan Li congealed has no small difference, it looks almost like the essence, and this kind of spiritual power substantive ability, is also the only way to enter Fu Zong! At this level, spiritual power is no longer as illusory as it used to be. Even between the frontal hard resistance, it will no longer be weak at all! Boom! Silver-white giant palm mercilessly fan on the body of a magma crystal dragon, amazing strength, directly is a punch to blast the magma dragon rock crystal burst. The shrill roar suddenly resounded through. Bang,temperature screening kiosk, bang! Lin moved his hand without any mercy, and as soon as his mind moved, the silver-white giant palm turned into a shadow, and with a very swift and violent gesture, all of it fell to the same place on the body of the magma crystal dragon. Magma like a fountain from the body of the magma crystal dragon, but this thing is obviously not an ordinary thing, even if it was attacked by Lin Dong with strong mental force, the crystal was broken, but still did not collapse directly. That kind of bearing capacity, see Lin move this dignified complexion, more and more deepening. Boom! Moreover, when the forest moves to gather fire in a magma crystal dragon, the other seventeen are also roaring, sharp and hot dragon claws tear the sky, that terrible force, directly is to move the whole body space of the forest is all crushed away. Lin Dong looked at the huge dragon claw that blocked the sun and flowed with magma. Is also a deep breath, the next moment, black eyes, face detection android ,face recognition identification kiosk, a sharp burst. Hum! The silver-white spirit spreads directly from the body of the forest, and then forms a huge silver-white bell all over its body. Dang Dang! Huge dragon claws, one by one, are severely smashed on the silver-white giant bell, between heaven and earth, are ringing through the clear and rapid sound of the bell at this time. Faced with the fierce attack of seventeen magma crystal dragons, the silver-white giant bell also quickly emerged with cracks, and the next moment, it was directly broken. Whew! And at the moment when the silver-white bell broke, a silver-white light suddenly swept out, which was like lightning, and in a flash, it appeared on the head of the magma crystal dragon that had been badly damaged before, and then appeared, it was Lin Dong. But at this time of Lin Dong, the whole body is wrapped in silver-white armor, in its hands, but also holding a silver-white sharp pike, the tip of the gun, rippling with an extremely sharp wave. Kill! Deep and filled with the sound of killing, from the silver-white armor came out, and after the forest started in the pike, it was instantly expanded into a hundred feet in size, and then a gun waved, poof, is directly from the magma crystal dragon head, through the hole.
Roar! The shrill roar rang through, and the magma crystal dragon struggled madly, and finally had to burst open, and when it burst, a rainbow filled with vast power whistled out, and finally got into the body of the forest. Whew! As the strange rainbow penetrated into Lin Dong’s body, the latter’s mental strength surged all over his body, which was about 10% in an instant. I see. Lin moved to feel the sudden surge of mental strength in his body, and was stunned. He immediately looked up to the sky and laughed. The next moment, his body swept out again like silver lightning, and the silver gun in his hand was like a dragon, fighting with the seventeen magma crystal dragons. Boom, boom, boom! Magma flying all over the sky, a silvery figure is also constantly shaken, the body of the armor cracks, but he is still fighting like a tiger, every time the pike wields, will be a magma crystal dragon hole, thus is a strange rainbow swept into his body, like booty. The cruel battle in the sky lasted for half a day, and when Lin Dong pulled out the cracked pike from the last magma crystal dragon, his body was also tottering. Whew. The last strange rainbow light poured into Lin’s body at this time. He felt the vast and endless fluctuations in his body, but his face was full of fatigue. Although he did not kill a magma crystal dragon, his mental strength is increasing rapidly, but the energy he consumed is also extremely serious. And the last one.. Lin Dong slowly raised his head and looked at the huge and eerie yellow sand face in the sky. Then he closed his eyes lightly and spread his hands gently. The dazzling silvery light came out like a wave at this time, and finally spread to the whole purgatory. If you don’t succeed, you will die.. A murmuring voice, gently echoed between heaven and earth, and then the silver light of the sky began to shrink,smart whiteboard price, and finally turned into a substantial shape of the sky, rushed to the strange huge yellow sand face above the sky. Tragic, full of heaven and earth. I finally came back from Hunan. I will resume updating tomorrow. I apologize again. rs Chapter 1150 Jin into Fu Zong.

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