Tianxiu talked about the origin of the Shura profession slowly. He took a breath and suddenly said with a straight face, “I, the 22nd generation successor of Shura, Tianxiu, solemnly ask you if you are willing to inherit the power of Shura, raise the prestige of Shura and shake the name of Shuro.” “I do!” Feng Xiao curled his lips in the dark, despising Tianxiu’s unnutritious speech, and at the same time began to look forward to it in his heart. OK Tianxiu blushed with excitement: “I, Tianxiu, in the name of Shura, have officially passed on the power of Shura to the Wind Soul, the 23rd generation successor.” Tianxiu’s whole body burst into a layer of dark red light, and with the guidance of his mind, the red light of his whole body gradually converged on his fingers, forming a dark ball of light. Cruelty, killing, resentment, countless negative gas came from the ball of light, Tianxiu did not move, muttering in his mouth,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, suddenly the index finger quickly stretched forward, with lightning speed to point the ball of light on the forehead of Fengxiao. Feng Xiao felt a sudden bang in his brain, feeling as if he had slowly lost consciousness, and his vision was gradually blurred. When his vision became clear again, his heart trembled and his body trembled uncontrollably-because he saw the sea of blood. And killing, endless killing. A man with a giant sword, red eyes,304 Stainless Steel Wire, like a killing God from hell, constantly harvesting the lives around him. Enemies fell one by one, blood stained the sword and his clothes, but he did not seem to feel anything, face does not change color to continue to harvest the pace of life! Roja! …… Can’t count how many people he killed, can’t count how much time he killed, the earth became a sea of blood, the sky was stained with blood, there was only a pungent smell of blood in the wind. The only constant is the calm eyes. Until there was no breath of life around him, he held a great sword and stood blankly like a bloody man in the purgatory of countless broken arms and limbs. Don’t know where to go, don’t know who to kill next. Is this Shura. Feng Xiao’s heart trembled. Compared with the real Shura, the people he killed, who often claimed to be Shura, were simply a joke that made people laugh. Ding, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,stainless steel welded pipe, congratulations to the player Wind Soul for being transferred to the only hidden class Shura, with a reputation of + 50. Life + 200, Magic + 200, Attack + 100. Four basic attributes + 20, seven series resistance + 10%. Lucky + 3. “Ding, congratulations to the player Wind Soul, you are the first person in the world to transfer, the system rewards reputation + 200, gold + 1000.” The sound of the system woke Feng Xiao up. He looked at Tian Xiu blankly. Tian Xiu, with a pale face, nodded to him and made a clear expression. The first thing every Shura should do before changing jobs. I just need to have a preliminary understanding of what Shura is. Tian Xiu’s face was bloodless, and his body was slowly about to collapse on the ground. Feng Xiao was moved and hurried up to support him. “This old man really has no reservations about himself. He has changed his job with his lifelong strength..” “Hey, I’m really tired. I can’t use the power of Shura within three minutes after I transfer.” As soon as Feng Xiao’s hand was soft, Tian Xiu fell to the ground with a splash. I thought the old man had lost all his strength and wasted his feelings in vain. Damn it, you’re burning the bridge! Do you know how to respect the old and love the young! Can my old bones stand such a fall? Tianxiu cursed and stood up, patted the dust on his body, and said with a generous face, “Forget it. I won’t haggle with you. Hey, after a thousand years of waiting, I can finally fulfill my dream of traveling all over the land of Tianlong.”. I can’t wait for a moment. I’m going now. Here you go, boy! Tian Xiu gave Feng Xiao a scroll and a conch: “This map was drawn by the former Shura when he traveled around the mainland of Tianlong. I dare say it should be the most comprehensive map nowadays. It should be very helpful for your adventure.”.
This conch can talk to me when you need it, but remember not to call me if it’s not a big deal, or I’ll take it back when I’m impatient! After patting Feng Xiao on the shoulder, Tian Xiu said with a straight face, “Shura has been warlike all his life. He is persistent and aloof. He does everything according to his nature. He is not bound by all the etiquette and laws in the world, but he must not bully others, let alone be bullied by others. Otherwise, he will be a Shura in vain!” “Also, the six-awn scroll you just used was bought by the 21st generation of Shura with his life. I don’t want you to humiliate it. So, no matter how difficult it is, I hope all the professions you transfer must be hidden professions!” “I know, Master Tianxiu!” Feng Xiao nodded earnestly, and the address became respectful. Tian Xiu laughed heartily a few times. “You have a little conscience, ha ha ha..” I’ll go too! Tianxiu said he would go away, so simply that he didn’t even say hello to the five old men. “Damn it!” Feng Xiao patted his head and shouted anxiously, “Wait a minute, Master Tianxiu!”! Come back here! “What’s the matter, Wind Soul Boy? Are you reluctant to part with me?”! Ha-ha We’ll have another chance to meet later. The voice of Tianxiu came from the distance. Shura Unreal! My Shura illusion! A black mask in the distance mercilessly smashed into the wind, accompanied by an angry curse: “You are a heartless dead boy, you only know how to miss the artifact on Lao Tzu!”! Lao Tzu was excited in vain. Damn it Feng Xiao was in a hurry to take over the magic of Shura. A group of purple light unique to the artifact came out from above. Feng Xiao almost shouted out excitedly: “Artifact!”! It’s really an artifact! He hurriedly checked the attributes of Shura Magic: The first attribute of Shura Magic almost made Feng Xiao faint: Life + 100%! Feng Xiao excited tears, with this attribute, he will be more than the same level of blood cow shield guard also blood cow ah! Bare arms dare to single out BOSS! Shura Magic: Artifact equipment. Requirements: Shura class. It was originally the magic face of good and evil of Luojia’s immortal mask. After the baptism of ten thousand people’s blood and the breath of killing, it gradually evolved into the magic face of the artifact Shura. Effect: Life + 100%, magic + 100%, four basic attributes increase level X 3,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, movement speed + 10. The mortality rate is + 3%. Bad State Resistance + 30%, Death Line Resistance + 30%, Lucky -3. 50% damage bonus to human enemies. Skill: Soul Absorption: a passive skill that automatically absorbs the souls of the enemies of the slain person and seals them in the Shura illusion. Maximum absorption: 50.

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