GoGPaySlip Registration Guide and Why You Should Register For It

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For decades now, checking one’s payslip in Ghana was one of the toughest until the GoGPaySlip came into existence recently to revolutionize the viewing mode of payslip.

Gogpayslip is an online electronic payslip designed and introduced by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) of the Government of Ghana for government employees to streamline the delivery on the payroll system in the country.

Managed by the CAGD of the government of Ghana, the E-Payslip is a platform the Controller and Accountant General allow their clients (government employees) to view their payslips online using any internet-accessible device. Aside from viewing their E-Slips, patrons can also print them from their computers.

In this post, … chronicles a simple and straightforward registration guide to the GoPaySlip and why every government employee in Ghana must patronize it.

Major Reasons Why You Should Register And Use The Government of Ghana Payslip (GoGPayslip)

The GoGGPaySlip has many advantages over the previous type which used to be hard copy.

Below are a few of them;

1. Faster, easier, and improved access to pay information: with GoGPayslip, government employees can easily gain access to every piece of information concerning their salary history with any internet device while on the go.

2. Ability to view previous payslips: Unlike the hard copy slip which is usually given out one at a time, Gogpayslip will allow users to view multiple payslips. Hence, the current payslip and any previous one any time so far as they are loaded by the office of the Controller Accountant General.

Users can also check their net pay, gross deductions, and others without going to their banks. In simple terms, with an internet-enabled mobile phone or computer, you can see your payslip during holidays or on weekdays.

3. Security Guaranteed: The electronic payslip is much more secure than printed payslips. Just like an ATM card, the e-payslip comes with special individual employee ID and passwords which are also backed up regularly in case of any technical challenge.

4. 100% Efficient: With the new  E-Payslip, all government workers are effectively served and correct all logistical challenges that that bedeviled the previous hard copy payslip. It also helps the Controller to meet its commitment to making workers’ payslips readily available and effectively serve GoG staff.

How To Register and Access Your E-Payslip

1. Request and make available your special registration code/pin from your or Management Unit or Head of Department.

2. Log on to www.gogpayslip.com which will look like this.

3. Go ahead and click on REGISTER FOR E-PAYSLIP found below the page on the right side.

The system will take you to the next page which will look like this. Now follow the instructions therein and register.

After registering successfully, go back to www.gogpayslip.com and sign in.

Now, all you need are; the security code, employee ID number and password. Follow the sequence below to access your payslip.

  • Enter your employee number
  • Enter your Password
  • Enter the code shown there correctly
  • Click on Sign In

After signing in, choose from the many icons that pop up to perform whatever task you want.

Important Facts You Should Know about E-Payslip

1. Access: You only need an internet connection to view your e-payslip. However, if you want to save your payslip on your computer or pen drive, then you will need a PDF reader which will enable you to view your payslip. The good news is that most computers today have PDF software already installed.

2. Outlook: The E-Payslip’s layout bares striking resemblance to the existing paper payslip however, the amount to be receieved is not affected.

3. Availability: Your E-Payslips is readily available immediately loading is completed by the C&AG. A formal SMS or notification will be sent to your phone or email account.

4. Print Copy: Users can also print their E-Payslips just like how any other document is printed when using a pdf viewer.

5. Caution: As applied with any confidential information, it is advised that users access their accounts on public or shared computers with caution.

Adhere to the following precautions for security purposes;

  • Do not login to www.gogpayslip.com and leave your office. Either log off or lock the computer.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone.
  • Also, change your password immediately if you detect any unusual activity on your account.

NB: The Gogpayslip website automatically logs off after every 6 continuous minutes if idle.

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